Alberta Lacrosse Accepting Applications for Program and Coach Directors

Sep. 28, 2020

Alberta Lacrosse is seeking to transition several of its distinct and unrelated programs into a unified and collective program under the direction of the Executive Director and two program directors, one located in the North and another located in the South. The goal is to create uniformity and excellence in development, recruitment, and program delivery across the entire province.

The hiring of qualified individuals will increase the quality, transparency, and marketing of existing and new Alberta Lacrosse programs, Enhancing development opportunities throughout the province at both the grassroots and high-performance level. A direct influence from the Alberta Lacrosse in local organizations and their programs will provide a standard of quality and excellence that is both uniform and consistent across the province in the attempt to aid the recruitment, development, and retention of players, coaches, officials, volunteers, and clubs.

The two individuals will be responsible for the following programs and any additional programs created:

12U and 14UDevelopment Camps

The program will allow athletes at the 12U and 14U levels access to high-level coaching focused on nuanced fundamental skill development, gameplay, and fun games to improve the quality of lacrosse athlete, aid in player development for both box and field lacrosse, aid in official and coach development, aid in bringing young coaches into an instructive environment and increase player, coach, and official retention.

The development will run across the province in rural areas along with the major population centers to improve participation, retention in development across the entire process.

These camps would be expanded beyond the programming of the past couple of years and would provide alternative programming to athletes who would normally attend camps held by groups outside the ALA.

Coach Mentorship/Recruiting

The program will focus on coaching at the grassroots and high-performance levels, offering new and less-experienced coaches access to information, assistance, and formal development opportunities in the form of events such as the NLL Coach Mentorship Clinic and a slew of miniature specialized information sessions aimed increasing coach knowledge across box lacrosse, men’s field lacrosse and women’s lacrosse. In person events would be increased for a hands-on approach.

Additionally, this program will focus on the recruitment and mentorship of existing and potential Team Alberta coaches in order to create a more regimented high-performance pathway to improve success and player experience at the National Championships.

In addition, the program directors will be responsible for certain clinic deliveries and developing content and template the on-line coaching clinic initiative to assure it meets CAC requirements. This development would alleviate duties from part-time coach developers and as such this concept would decrease expenses for coaching clinics.

Lacrosse in School Program

The program will allow students of elementary age groups to experience the fast-paced and exhilarating game of lacrosse in an intimate, interactive, and educational atmosphere.

The program will introduce students to the game of lacrosse and emphasize physical literacy while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, we will speak about the importance of positive goal setting, as well as the importance of community and reciprocity. Additionally, the instructors will present the many opportunities that lacrosse can bring to individuals and by extension their communities such as educational opportunities, interpersonal and leadership skills, and respect.

The program itself consists of two separate sections. It begins with an introductory session where students will learn the rules of lacrosse, help instructors demonstrate proper skills, and learn the history of the game. The second portion consists of a gym class setting where students will have a hands-on experience with the game of lacrosse.

The school sessions will be followed up with player clinics in the evening with an added value for player recruitment and parent education of the sport of lacrosse.

This multilevel approach to recruitment, education and training will be cost-effective for the ALA and local clubs.

Inclusive Programming

The program would focus on inclusive programming for individuals who face barriers to participate in lacrosse. The program would look at minority groups currently underrepresented in Alberta Lacrosse and provide programming to remove barriers of participation such as gender, socioeconomic factors, and geography to name a few. The program would look at modifying current ALA programming to remove barriers as Alberta did with COVID. The ALA would have access to government grants if such programs were initiated.

Team Alberta Year-Round Field Lacrosse Program

The Team Alberta Year-Round Program will be a year-round high-performance development and competition program aimed at competing in the U15 Alumni Cup, U18 First Nations Cup, U15 Women’s Lacrosse Invitational, and the U19 Jenny Kyle Cup and developing the next generation of lacrosse players. The full-year program will be split into the following phases:

Media Promotion/Content

Using the Alberta Lacrosse new media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Alberta Lacrosse TV) this program will create Alberta Lacrosse targeted promotion for all clubs and leagues across the province. Included in this is photo and video promotion of clubs, leagues, teams, and other Alberta Lacrosse programs. By having individuals in communities and attend events across the province, capturing media will be effective in growing lacrosse and providing technical information for players, coaches, officials, parents, and volunteers in addition to recruitment and retention.

Job Description

Applications are accepted via email to Deborah Rhodes( or by mail to:

Alberta Lacrosse Association
Box 3018
Sherwood Park, AB
Deadline: November 8th, 2020

Thank you for your support!