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This section provides helpful links to assist you as a coach, including Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) documents, drills, sample practice plans, and coaching tips. 

Coaching Program

 2020 Coaching Program Why Coach?
Professional Development & Maintaining Certification Honouring Our Game


Overview Men's Field Stages
Box Stages Women's Field Stages

Drill Library

Box Lacrosse Drill Library 


Men's Field Lacrosse

Drill Library

3-Cone Combo Shooting Mascot Passing
4 on 4 Continuous (Feeders) Moves off Time and Room
4 on 4 Continuous (From Front) Pressure Transition Drill
4 on 4 Diamond Shape S-Dodge Drill
Diamond Dodging USA Passing
Diamond Passing Whirlpool Shooting - Attack
Engaged 1v1's Whirlpool Shooting - Midfield
General 1v1's Y-Shooting
Help Passing Z-Dodge Drill

Extra Man Opportunity Ideas

1-3-2 Quick 3-Man 4-Man Carry
Open to 2-4 Pop 1-3-2 Quick Hitter
1-3-2 Quick Top 1-4-1 to 1-3-2
2-Man Carry 1-4-1 to 3-3
3-Man Carry 2-2-2 to 3-3

Women's Field 

Drill Library

1v1 Alley Ground Balls 3v2 From Behind
2v1 Alley Ground Balls Progression Shooting
2v2 Alley Ground Balls Towson Shooting Drill
3v2 Chase Triangle Shooting


5-2 Offense Diamond Offense
6-1 Offense Open Motion
Bearcat Offense Open Four Player Motion
Ball Control Offense  


Maryland Over-the-Top Play Carolina Play
Maryland Underneath Play  

Practice Plans

Practice Plan Template v1 Practice Plan Template v2

Box Lacrosse Practice Plans

Novice(Full Year) Novice Tryouts
PeeWee(Full Year) Team Alberta PeeWee
Bantam/Midget(Full Year) 

Weekly Coaching Tips for All Disciplines


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North Coach Mentorship Clinic
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Mar. 23, 2020 to Mar. 24, 2020

GELC Novice/Pee Wee Development Camp
GELC Novice/Pee Wee Development Camp

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