Alberta Lacrosse Announces New Field Club

Mar. 31, 2019

SHERWOOD PARK, Alberta—Welcome to the new era of field lacrosse in Calgary! The Alberta Lacrosse Association and the Alberta Field Lacrosse Association are ecstatic to announce that the creation of the Calgary Monarchs Field Lacrosse Club. The Monarchs will pull across the Calgary area, excluding regions already occupied by Mustangs Lacrosse.

The Monarchs focus on empowering, enriching, and encouraging a positive and lifelong lacrosse experience. Their group of experienced and committed coaches, volunteers, and board members seek to teach and develop all of their players both on and off the field.  Their two-pronged approach comprised of a regimented athlete and personal development plan progresses players through the various and complicated stages of athletic and social development. 

Enjoyment is at the forefront of the club’s experience. The Monarchs understand, plan, and focus on the enjoyment of lacrosse, as being the primary driver on lifelong involvement, lifelong development, and, by extension, lifelong happiness. They use lacrosse as a driver to teach, understand, and develop confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.

The club will offer complimentary opportunities to its players including access to provincial-wide field days, access to Team Alberta try-outs, preliminary Team Alberta coaching from the U15 Men's and U19 Women’s coaches, as well as a plethora of young, energetic, and certified coaches engaged in athletic and personal development.

The Calgary Monarchs Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization that acts as a recognized field lacrosse club in Calgary, Alberta. The Monarchs are a member of the Alberta Field Lacrosse Association and, by extension, the Alberta Lacrosse Association, and the Canadian Lacrosse Association. The Monarchs are committed to providing not only a safe and fun filled playing environment but also a sports environment that promotes equal opportunity and prohibits discriminatory practices. 


For more information please contact the Alberta Lacrosse Association by email or by phone +1 (780)464-1861.

To register with the Calgary Monarchs Field Lacrosse Club click here! (Opens April 1st 2019)

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