David Fehr Festival and Alberta Provincial Participants Confirmed!

Jun. 01, 2018

SHERWOOD PARK, Alberta - The Alberta Lacrosse Association is excited to announce that Calgary will play host to both the David Fehr Classic Tyke and Novice Festival, as well as the Alberta Provincial Championships in one of the largest congregations of lacrosse teams in Alberta. The three day weekend will see over 115 teams participate in the Calgary both for pleasure and enjoyment, as well as for several provincial championships at the A, B, and C levels!

The teams for the aforementioned events are listed below:

*Pooling has not be finalized for provincials.

David Fehr Classic Tyke and Novice Festival

Tyke Teams

Axemen 6 Lacoka
Axemen A1 Leduc 
Brooks Tyke  Rockyview 3
Grande Prairie  Wood Buffalo
Hornets A1  

Novice Teams

Axemen 3 Leduc 
Axemen 4  Rams B1
Axemen A2 Rockyview 4
Brooks  Titans 4
Grande Prairie Warriors 
Hornets B1 Westlock 
Lakeland  Wood Buffalo

Novice Female Teams

Axemen 1  Hornets 2 
Flagstaff Rockyview
Hornets 1  

2018 Alberta Lacrosse Provincials


Axemen A Okotoks HOKS 
Axemen A2 Olds 
Axemen B6 Rams A
Axemen C8 Rams B 
Brooks  Rockyview A
Grand Prairie 2 Rockyview B2
Grand Prairie C1 Sabrecats A
Hornets A Sabrecats B3
Hornets B3 Sabrecats C 
Innisfail  Strathmore A
Knights C  Titans B
Lacoka B1  Vermilion 
Lloydminster  Wizards C2
Okotoks B Wood Buffalo 
Okotoks C  

PeeWee Female

Axemen Sabrecats 3
Hornets 1 Titans 2 


Axemen A  Lakeland 
Axemen B2 Lakeland 
Axemen C Lethbridge 
Blackfalds  Lethbridge 1
Brooks  Okotoks C 
Ft Sask Rebels  Okotoks HOKS 
Grande Prairie  Parkland A
Hornets A  Parkland B
Hornets B 1 Sabrecats A
Innisfail  Sabrecats B1
Lacoka 1  Titans B
Lacoka 2 Wainwright 

Bantam Female

Axemen 2 Hornets 
Axemen 3 Hornets 2


Axemen A Lakeland 
Axemen B2 Lethbridge 
Beaumont  Okotoks
Brooks Parkland A
Grande Prairie  Parkland B
Hornets A  Rams A
Hornets B1 Rams B
Hornets C Rockyview 
Innisfail  Sabrecats A
Knights HOKS Westlock 
Lacoka B1  

Midget Female

Hornets 2 Westlock 

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