Alberta Lacrosse Issues Statement on CFLC

Mar. 29, 2019

March 29, 2019

The Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA) is deeply disappointed with the position taken by the Calgary Field Lacrosse Club (CFLC), along with communication to its’ Membership, that CFLC has decided not to continue membership in the ALA and Alberta Field Lacrosse Association (AFLA).  The intent of this communication is to ensure that all ALA members, and in particular the membership of the CFLC, are aware of the potential ramifications of withdrawal from the ALA.  The ALA remains committed to working to “Grow the Game” in the Province of Alberta.  We firmly believe the best way to achieve that is to work together.    This withdrawal negatively affects, not only the CFLC, but also the entire membership of the ALA.  Potential impact includes the ineligibility of CFLC members for ALA and CLA events including Provincial and National Championships.

The ALA BOD has passed a motion to refer the Board of the CFLC to discipline.  The extraordinary step of withdrawal from the ALA is inconsistent with the concept of “Growing the Game” of lacrosse.  It negatively impacts players throughout the Province and reduces the level of competition for all players.  The ALA Board will also be referring this matter to the Alberta Minister of Amateur Sport for consideration.

The ALA Board has advised the CFLC that the CFLC had several remedies at its’ disposal to address the concerns that are being used as rationale to withdraw from the ALA. It is disappointing the CFLC Board of Directors would not pursue all avenues to resolve issues within the sport and not disrupt the Field lacrosse season for 1100 players in the province.

In addition to referring the CFLC Board for discipline within the ALA, the ALA Board will be reviewing all remedies available to it in consultation and in conjunction with the CLA.  The ALA Board of Directors will be taking a strong stance in dealing with this matter as it affects all players in the province and not just the Calgary Field players. 

Through responsive, effective leadership and by embracing positive change, Alberta Lacrosse provides innovative, quality programs and services to inspire participation while protecting the integrity of the sport.  This is done with the support and cooperation of the CLA and all Provincial partners.


The ALA and AFLA have ensured there is an alternative program in the boundary for all players to register with and stay within the ALA with all rights and privileges of all ALA Members.  All affected players in the Boundary can now register with the Calgary Monarchs starting April 1, 2019.

I would encourage all members to fully inform themselves of the impact of the decision of the CFLC to leave the Membership of AFLA and the ALA prior to registering with an unsanctioned club/company.   

Please contact the ALA Executive Director to have your questions and concerns answered Lisa Grant at

Rob Matsuoka

ALA President

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