Alberta Lacrosse Strategic Planning Process

Nov. 27, 2019

"To enhance character, community, and culture through lacrosse."

ALA Strategic Plan

The purpose of the Strategic Plan 2020-22 is to inform members of the Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA) and other stakeholders of the organization’s focus for the next four years. It provides a simple yet clear framework within which the Board of Directors, staff, member leagues, clubs, and other Associations can work collaboratively towards achieving our vision for lacrosse in Alberta.

Background for the plan was obtained through consultation with club and league presidents and other key stakeholders through an online survey and consultations with the Canadian Lacrosse Association and the ALA.

The Board and key stakeholders then worked over the course of a weekend in September 2019 to develop this plan. The results of the consultation process were presented to the key stakeholders and Board members at that time.

In developing the Strategic Directions for the ALA Strategic Plan, the Board and key stakeholders considered the Strategic Directions of the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA), that were linked to the 2002 Canadian Sport Policy. 

Our Mission

Through innovation and collaboration, the Alberta Lacrosse Association strives to foster partnerships that inspire participation and inclusiveness while honouring our game.

Our Values

Respect - We act with honour and courage on and off the field of play.

Innovation - Our drive for excellence is led with ideas, passion, and inspiration

Accountability - We are responsible and answerable for our actions.


Below are the documents that outline the Strategic planning process of Alberta Lacrosse that was led by Sport Law and Strategy:

ALA AGM - Opening

SLSG Sport Safe

SLSG Strategic Planning

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