Bulletin: B104-1: Executive Director Lisa Grant Resignation

May. 17, 2021

Hello ALA Members,

It is with great regret that we must announce the resignation of our Executive Director, Lisa Grant.

Lisa has functioned in her role as Executive Director since 2001. She has executed her duties and responsibilities with distinction, passion, intelligence, and a deep love for the game of lacrosse throughout that time. Her integrity as both a lacrosse advocate and a tireless employee of the ALA has always been beyond reproach, and she set a wonderful example as the de facto public face of the ALA.

Over her 20 years as Executive Director Lisa has not only witnessed the evolution and expansion of the game of lacrosse in Alberta, but has indeed had a direct, positive, and lasting impact on fostering growth and stability in the game across Canada. In fact, Lisa has been a critical driver of the ALA BoD interests both inside the province of Alberta, as well as within the Lacrosse Canada national infrastructure. She has served on countless national committees and in so doing, has helped guide Alberta into lacrosse relevance on the national stage.

In addition to her countless duties and responsibilities as Executive Director which included such diverse tasks as shepherding in and managing budgets, creating vendor partnerships, helping to create and manage tournaments, acting as guardian of our Bylaws, Rules, and Regulations, and managing endless committees and grassroots initiatives, Lisa also spent countless hours that extended well above and beyond her paid responsibilities to monitor, guide, and otherwise assist the lacrosse leaders of our province to achieve their objectives in any way she possibly could.

Lisa has been a core constant that has in no small way kept the wheels of the Alberta lacrosse machinery working and moving forward into the future - often kicking and screaming into that future.

Her departure marks the end of an era and leaves a monumental hole in the operational foundation of Alberta lacrosse. However, we know that Lisa is moving onto a new challenge and a great opportunity in which she will bring her considerable experience, passion, and expertise to bear in what we must assume is a nurturing, supportive, and exciting career opportunity, and for that, we are extremely happy for her!

She will be greatly missed by those who understand her contributions to Alberta lacrosse. We thank Lisa for her immeasurable contributions to the objectives of growth and stability of lacrosse, and we wish her all the best with her new endeavours!

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