Bulletin: B110.2 ALA Staffing Committee

Jun. 28, 2021

Hello ALA Members,

Now that we have settled in with our Interim Executive Director, Dallas Smith, we are pushing forward with the process put in place by the ALA Executive to find the best staff replacement, or replacements, for our outgoing Executive Director. Here are the details of that process.


The ALA Board of Directors have formed a committee whose core purpose is to make recommendations to the ALA Executive regarding potential staffing models for the ALA. Originally called the ED Hiring Committee, the name has been revised to the ALA Staffing Committee to better reflect the scope and objectives of this committee.

The ALA Executive requested that the ALA Board of Directors submit 2 names of LGB Presidents who could potentially serve on the committee. From those 2 names, the ALA Executive would select one to serve on the committee. The two volunteers supplied by the ALA Board of Directors were a primary in Raymond McCarthy, ALRA President, and a secondary in Don Payne, AFLA President.

With the abrupt resignation of the ALA Director of Administration who was originally slated to Chair this committee, a position was vacated and therefore both Board recommendations have been recruited to serve.


Raymond McCarthy: Raymond runs a successful business that includes extensive experience with various staffing models and best practices in hiring and team building. Raymond is also a very active volunteer within the ALA which includes his duties on the ALA Board of Directors, in addition to his responsibilities as ALRA President and his on-floor officiating duties. Raymond is originally from Red Deer, established and grew his business in Red Deer, and moved to Calgary in 2019 to manage the expansion of his business. As one of our most mission-critical partners in the success of lacrosse in Alberta, we welcome the addition of the ALRA President to the ALA Staffing Committee.

Don Payne: In addition to Raymond, Don Payne will also be a valued participant in the hiring committee process. Don has many years of high-level management experience that includes a refined process of identifying and recruiting key talent to make a business successful. Born in Newfoundland but spending much of his younger days growing up in Peterborough, Ontario, Don now lives in Calgary and has been a long-time volunteer within the Alberta lacrosse landscape including tireless work as a champion of Alberta Field Lacrosse, particularly in his current role as AFLA President.

John Frame: Joining Raymond and Don will be John Frame. John is a successful lawyer by profession, practicing law out of Edmonton with Witten LLP. John grew up playing lacrosse at the highest levels throughout his career as a goalie in Edmonton. John’s children also enjoyed successful minor lacrosse careers but have since moved out of the sport, while John has continued to serve within the ALA as well as other provincial sports organizations, whenever called upon. Currently, John sits as the Chair of the ALA Discipline/Appeals Committee. He was also part of a critical hiring process for the Edmonton Rugby Union, and now as part of the ALA Staffing Committee.

John Kilbride: Rounding out the committee is committee Chair John Kilbride. John currently functions as the ALA Director of Marketing and Communications, as well as the ALA Interim President. John owns a marketing agency and so has extensive experience in contemporary staffing models and best-practices. John is also heavily involved in the Alberta lacrosse community.


The ALA Staffing Committee is charged with several objectives including:

  1. To assess multiple staffing models including models used by other Provincial sports organizations.

  2. To assess the current efficiencies and inefficiencies of the existing ALA staffing model.

  3. To maker commendations to the ALA BoD concerning possible staffing models that would work for the ALA, taking into consideration ALA implementation polices, Member needs, and budgetary considerations.

  4. To create and recommend to the ALA BoD full job descriptions and pay scales for all positions identified as part of the ALA staffing model.

  5. To make general recommendations to the ALA BoD concerning best-practices in evaluating job performance including establishing guidelines for Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), and succession practices.

  6. To make general recommendations regarding where efficiencies may be implemented for improved operational practices.

To achieve these objectives, the ALA Staffing Committee will engage in an extensive research and consultation process that will ideally include other Provincial organizations, community business leaders, the ALA Board of Directors and their resource networks, ALA Members, and our outgoing Executive Director.

Through this process of research and consultation, the ALA Staffing Committee will then present multiple staffing models (ideally) to the ALA BoD for their evaluation and feedback. Once a staffing model has been established, the ALA Staffing Committee will embark on a nationwide talent search, leveraging modern staffing recruitment tools and ALA Member networks alike.

The objective of the talent search will be to distill and condense applicants down to a “short-list” of possibilities which will ultimately be presented to the ALA BoD for feedback, and the ALA Executive for final filtering and eventual hiring.

The timeline for this process is 3 - 6 months and started the week of June 10, 2021.


ALA Board of Directors