Bulletin B112.1 - Now Hiring - Executive Director

Oct. 04, 2021

Now Hiring - ALA Executive Director

Please note that the ALA has been pleasantly pleased by both the number of applicants and the quality of applicants for the position of Executive Director (well over 70). As such, at this time we are closing the application process so that we may focus on evaluating existing candidates. Should the need to reopen the application process occur, we will relist the process here.

Hello ALA Members,

After an intensive review of qualifying variables in accordance with the objectives, process, and recommendations of the ALA Staffing Committee, followed by submission of, and subsequent approval of, the position profile and interview protocol by the ALA BoD, the ALA has now concluded the research and consultation phase of the ED hiring process and has embarked onto the next phase - officially accepting resumes for the position of Executive Director.

An employment brief has been prepared detailing the requirements of the position and is available for review via the job postings primary listing found on Indeed.com.

In addition to the Indeed listing, the position will be advertised on albertalacrosse.com, ALA social media profiles, and of course, to our LGB’s and Clubs via this bulletin. Lastly, a request to circulate this information will be made to Lacrosse Canada and to our MA brethren across the country.

We encourage all ALA Members to circulate this information so we may cast the broadest net possible to secure the largest pool of candidates possible.


ALA Board of Directors

P.S. Resumes must be submitted via one of the above Indeed.com listings. Resumes submitted directly to the ALA office will not be considered.

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