Bulletin: B116.1 - 2022 Greetings from our President Sean Aggus, and Executive Director Robin Bauer

Jan. 03, 2022

2021 President’s update

With 2021 coming to an end and we move forward into the 2022 playing season, I would like to thank all the members for their volunteer work and commitment to our sport. We have faced serious challenges beyond our control and became stronger in the process. This upcoming playing season faces similar headwinds and uncertainty, but the resolve demonstrated from our members gives confidence that the path forward will be successful.

Substantial change has occurred in our office and with the Executive of Alberta Lacrosse. With change comes opportunity and the skill sets of our new staff demonstrate that we are well positioned to take advantage of all the opportunities as they present themselves.

I would like to welcome Robin Bauer on board as our new Executive Director. Robin brings a tremendous skill set, knowledge of sports organization and new perspective to Alberta Lacrosse. Robin has already made some impacts with the Executive on how we are organized with projects and how we will be communicating with the membership. 

Dallas Smith has provided very valuable continuity, as Interim Executive Director, in onboarding Robin and updating the Executive on Lacrosse Canada sector and committee work.

Coming out of the 2021 AGM the members mandated the Executive to appropriately staff the Alberta Lacrosse office, with the intent to push the ALA into a new era. The search has begun to backfill our Technical Director role and hire an Assistant Director to assist with the administrative duties of the office and members.

The new season brings new people to the Board of Directors. It’s exciting to work with volunteers with fresh perspectives and skills. New on the Executive team are Tracey Haining in the portfolio of Director of High Performance and Keith Berg in the portfolio of Director of Development.

Welcome new additions to the Board of Directors are Tim Stewart - Lacrosse Edmonton President and Wade Bowley - Calgary District Lacrosse Association

Reviewing all the recent change, I believe that Alberta Lacrosse is well positioned to serve its members effectively. With a new perspective, enhanced communication tools and strong initiatives to grow participation and improve the delivery of the sport to the participants.



Sean Aggus




 Hello ALA Members,

The new year presents exciting possibilities for the ALA and our Members. My first few weeks have been both a frenzy as I dive into the day-to-day operations learning from everyone around me, and inspiring as I see the opportunities for development and growth ahead.

Many thanks to all the members for a very warm welcome. I am eager to learn the workings of the ALA inside and out, along with what drives all the members to help grow our sport. Without amazing volunteers to lean on, sport as we know it does not exist.

As our President stated, we are growing our resources and capacity to improve on the product and service we deliver. How an athlete experiences sport, from his or her first time stepping on the floor or field, to maybe playing at the Canada or Alberta Summer Games, to lifelong participation, the experience the athlete has every single time she or he picks up a stick is what matters most. As we increase our capacity, along with our skill set, we can better support that experience across all the LGBs.

We are currently reinstating some projects put on hold due to the pandemic (e.g., coaching and official clinics, development camps, gender equity programming), and are looking to create many new initiatives that focus on what athletes and coaches need to develop and thrive within our sport. Keep an eye out for updates on these programs and new communication methods that better resonate.

Thank you again for such a warm welcome. Building upon the strengths of the ALA, serving our membership base, and delivering an unparalleled sporting experience are at the heart of our journey into the new year.



Robin Bauer