Become a Box Lacrosse Referee!

Mar. 11, 2022

become a refWe are excited to share that the Alberta Lacrosse Referee Association's 2022 box lacrosse clinics are open for registration!

Here is the process to get started

  1. Visit clinics for a list of clinics.
  2. Find the appropriate certification level at a location convenient to you (the 'Entry Level / Level 1 Clinic' is for new officials).
  3. Scroll to bottom of page and click the big "Click Here to Register" button (you can't miss it).
  4. Sign-in to your RAMP account.
  5. Enter (or confirm) your personal information.
  6. Follow the process within RAMP to sign-up for your desired course.

If you have any questions about clinics please check out our FAQ's which we find will answer all the most common questions.

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