Bulletin: B122.1 - February 2022 Board of Directors Meeting Highlights

Mar. 15, 2022

Hello Members,

The Alberta Lacrosse Association held its most recent Board of Directors meeting on February 28th, 2022, during which two regulations were discussed and ultimately revised. Please take a moment to review the complete minutes from this meeting, but here are the highlights. 

Regulation 41.01

A motion was made to rescind Regulation 41.01 which previously stated,

Revision to ALA Regulations may not be made from March 1 to August 31 in any given year. (2021 season exempt due to COVID).

In an effort to be an agile organization, one that can respond to the needs of our Members anytime of the year, not just during an arbitrarily set timeframe, a motion was made to modify Regulation 41.01.

The result of the discussion was not the complete removal of Regulation 41.01 but does allow for some flexibility in the ongoing modification of regulations that do not directly impact game-play. Regulation 41.01 now reads as,

Revisions to the ALA Regulations affecting box regarding game play for the current playing season may not be made from March 1st to August 31st in any given year.

Regulation 17 - 16U A League

A motion was made to revise Regulation 17.

With the inception of the new Wild Rose Lacrosse League (WRLL) for 2022, Regulation 17 required modifications to better align with the operations of the WRLL. 

Revisions to this regulation are extensive so we invite you to review the new regulation in its entirely at /cloud/ablax/files/ALA%20Regulations%202022.pdf.

Thank you.

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