Bulletin 127.1 President's Message- Code of Conduct Reminder

Jun. 03, 2022

Dear ALA Members,

We hope this finds you well as we hit the mid-way mark of our first full season back since 2019. It sure feels good to be playing lacrosse again!

As the season progresses and we now find ourselves travelling our beautiful province to compete against one another both locally and regionally, I want to send out a reminder that all members of the Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA), including parents, are bound by the applicable ALA code of conduct bylaws, regulations, and policies both inside the arena and out. You are always representing the ALA and must therefore conduct yourself in accordance with ALA bylaws, regulations, and policies (https://www.albertalacrosse.com/content/governance).

I know that a super-majority of our members are exemplary examples of the values of the ALA, and as such, consistently strive to ensure a safe, inclusive, and abuse-free environment for all athletes, officials, spectators, partners, businesses, and those we may meet along the way; and to those people I thank you for making our game and the reputation of our game great!

Unfortunately, there is occasion where a member, group of members, team, or parent lose their way and so for those individuals this is a reminder that contravention of ALA bylaws, regulations, and polices must, and will, result in swift disciplinary action by the appropriate Local Governing Body (LGB) and / or the ALA Executive. The ALA has a zero-tolerance approach to abuse of any type, inside or out of competition.

Thank you.

Sean Aggus

President, ALA

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