Congratulations to the Alberta Teams who Competed at Nationals!

Sep. 06, 2023

The ALA would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the teams who represented Alberta at the National Championships. CONGRATULATIONS to all the players, coaches, managers, and trainers! 


U19 Women's Field Team Alberta placed third at the Jenny Kyle Cup

U17 Men's Box Team Alberta placed third in the Tackaberry Trophy

U17 Women's Box Team Alberta placed third in the Dorothy Robertson Trophy

U22 Women's Box Team Alberta placed first in the Carol Patterson Trophy

U17 Men's Field Team Alberta placed ninth at the Alumni Cup


Edmonton Warriors placed first at the Founder's Cup


Calgary Mountaineers placed fourth at the Minto Cup

Edmonton Miners placed place third at the Minto Cup


Edmonton Miners placed second at the President's Cup


A big thank you also to the team parents who supported the athletes along the way and cheered them on. THANK YOU!