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Getting Started

Starting a new lacrosse organization or taking over for another volunteer represents an easy endeavor with the help of Alberta Lacrosse, a non-profit, member-based organization that fuels the development of lacrosse by providing a variety of programs and services to our members.
Our resources and staff exist in part to help you manage your organization in a way that allows your players to have fun, develop, and compete in a safe environment.

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Organizational Best Practices

Train Your Coaches

Alberta Lacrosse offers a multi-level development and certification program for coaches. Our experience has been that educated coaches provide players with a better experience, thus keeping them involved in lacrosse longer. All active coaches have completed at least one component of Alberta Lacrosse's coaching program. in conjunction with Lacrosse Canada, Alberta Lacrosse strictly monitors and enforces proper coach certification, in order to ensure all players receive proper instruction.


History of Lacrosse

Fundamental Skill Coaching

 Games, Grades K-6
Games, Grades 7-12  Stick Skills, Grades K-6
Stick Skills, Grades 7-12  

Train Your Officials

Similarly, the ALA offers a multi-level development and certification program for officials that is required to be completed yearly.

Box Certification

Field Certification

Inform Your Parents

Depending on where you're located, there's a decent chance some of your parents may be new to lacrosse. Engage your parents, and help them learn the sport and ways they can support their child's participation.

Player Safety

Player safety encompasses everything from head injuries to hydration. Organizational leaders play a significant role in creating a physical and philosophical environment that minimizes the risk of player injuries as much as is realistic. Concussions have garnered many of the sports medicine-related headlines in recent years, but they represent just one type of injury a player can incur while participating.



All lacrosse players, coaches, officials, parents, and fans have a responsibility to exhibit good sportsmanship. 


Project Funding

Through innovation and collaboration, the ALA strives to foster partnerships that inspire participation and inclusiveness while honoring the game of lacrosse. When possible, we endeavor to support projects and initiatives that align with this mission.

Project Funding Guidelines